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Unconference topic suggestions

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Digital services  
  How are new services implemented
  How do we make sure digital is not an add-on but embeded in all aspects of service and product design
  What can I use for my library in the digital age
  The digital library - is it a branch or is it an actual library?
  New or innovative digital tools
  E-reading devices - customer after care
  New digital problems to solve
  How to promote our digital collections better to our staff and students
  Promotion of eresources
  Streamlined ways of promoting access to resources
  Promotion of ebooks
  How do we develop sustainable, continuous promotion of e-resources rather than occasional one-off campaigns
  How to use technology effectively to attract users
  Setting our digital stuff out there
Digital skills  
  building blocks
  training staff to become digitally literate
  Digitally upskilling staff
  MBIE - business, innovation, employment. Challenges new people, more resources, how to access them and self help
User experience  
  How to help people find stuff
  Democracy of access and quality of experience
  Developing user-friendly web-based systems
  How do library customers use eBooks? Do they?
  Discovery services
  Targeted serendipity
  Seamless regardless of where data comes from
  Serving all users equally ( in person and remotely)
  Social side of access
  Data transformation
  Index cards turned into searchable database
  Cataloguing non traditional materials eg Zines
  Creative Commons Licensing
  Open access
  Liciencings and DRM
Modern learning environments  
The future researcher  
Who am I? The Library? An information professional  
Social media  
  Creating tags with your community
  Tagging and good metadata
Digital NZ  
  federated systems
  work in progress
  focus areasa 2015 ff
  Community repositories
Core Education  
  Support schools and teachers
  Professional developmet
  Knowledge curator
Internet of things and future  
Augmented reality  
Make the best use of what we have  
Less staff, more work, smarter "ways"  
3D printing  
FAB labs  
Engaging volunteers  
What other organisations are doing re eBooks, discovery services etc (or NOT doing!)  
Audio and video history  
Cloud usage or storage  

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