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DigLibSIG WIKI (redirected from ITSIG WIKI)

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Logo designed by Kim Salamonson



2017 AGM


Webinar Series

DigLibSig Forum

2016 AGM


Webinar Series

2015 AGM




Digital Library Special Interest Group (DigLibSig)


About Digital Library SIG

DigLibSig Committee 2017-2018

Email Discussion List
Annual General Meetings

Coming Events

None currently


Past Events

#DIGLIBSIG17 Digital Library Forum 2017 - 28 September 2017, Christchurch

2003-2009 Activities

DigLibSig Unconferences

DigLibSig Webinar Series

LIANZA Conferences


Resources [To be reviewed]

New Zealand Libraries help files

New Zealand Library IT Resources

Creative Commons

National Digital Forum




To join Digital Library SIG, email Office at LIANZA who will invoice you and process your membership. The subscription is $11.50 for LIANZA members and $34.50 for non-members.


If you’d like to contribute content to the wiki, please contact Paul Sutherland for a password. 



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