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IT Topics Within Librarianship

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“IT Topics Within Librarianship” workshop


LIANZA conference, 10:30–11:30am Tuesday 11 September 2007


Chair: Paul Sutherland (ITSIG Convenor)


Topics (proposed and actual)


  • Podcasting in library instruction - talk by Angela Jowitt (UCOL Universal College of Learning - Library)
  • ResearchSpace@Auckland, the University of Auckland institutional repository - talk by Vanessa Newton-Wade (University of Auckland Library)
  • EZproxy advanced techniques, eg, for password-authenticated databases - talk by Bob Pearson (University of Auckland Library)
  • OpenURL resolvers. Relationships with opac, vendor etc, what to do about NZ fulltext (questions posed by Paul S).
  • Federated search systems. Who is using what; what works well and what doesn’t; what to do about NZ databases (questions posed by Paul S).
  • Electronic resource management systems
  • Library 2.0 and changes in communication styles (blogs, wikis, rss) and the interactive web
  • Extending the use of library catalogues


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