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AGM Minutes 2010

Page history last edited by John Laurie 7 years, 7 months ago



Annual General Meeting

26th January 2010


Online Meeting with KAREN Scopia


Present: John Laurie(chair), Bob Pearson, Helen Brownlie, Peter Kennedy, Ksenija Obradovic, Fiona Mcgregor, Ruth Lewis, Susan Mcmillan, Brian Faherty, Paul Hayton


1. Apologies

Paul Sutherland, Kim Salamonson


2. Convenor’s report

John Laurie presented the Convenor’s report. The Convenor’s report was received (Brian Flaherty moved, Peter Kennedy seconded) and accepted by the meeting. Prior to the meeting, a copy had been published on the IT-SIG Wiki.


3. Treasurer’s report

Bob Pearson presented the Treasurer’s report of the accounts for the year ending June 30th 2010. The Treasurer’s report was received (John Laurie moved, Helen Brownlie seconded) and approved by the meeting. Prior to the meeting, a copy had been published on the IT-SIG Wiki.

Bob noted that he has not received any money from the LIANZA conference organisers from the ITSIG bar camp registrations. Helen Brownlie is investigating this. Also that the ITSIG subscriptions received from LIANZA don’t include members who haven’t paid at the beginning of the new financial year.


Brian Flaherty questioned the value of conference sponsorships.


4. 2010/11 committee

Convenor: John Laurie (Nominated by Bob Pearson, seconded by Peter Kennedy)

Treasurer: Bob Pearson (Nominated by John Laurie, seconded by Helen Brownlie)

Committee: Nominations were called for, following which it was moved from the Chair, and approved by the meeting, that the following other committee members be appointed. Helen Brownlie Peter Kennedy Paul Hayton Paul Sutherland Kim Salamonson

Fiona Mcgregor and Susan Mcmillan expressed an interest in joining the committee next year.


5. Other business

Next committee meeting scheduled for Friday 18th February at 10am.


Minutes: John Laurie

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