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Z39 50 Connection Information

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Although new standards are being developed, the Z39.50 standard still governs the searching of a library’s catalogue by software other than that library’s native OPAC. Software using this standard makes it possible for a library catalogue to be searched from another library, or by bibliographic management software such as Endnote or Reference Manager, or for federated searching to be used to search a number of bibliographic resources at once. To connect to another library, two sets of information are needed. The first comprises connection information, and the second comprises details of the Z39.50 search indexes made available by that library. The following section contains the connection details for a number of libraries. The last section contains a generic set of search index information that will work with many sites. This initial list is small and we hope to see it extended, so if you provide Z39.50 access, please consider adding the information below. And if you change your settings, please edit your entry.


Connection Information


AUT Library 
Address: aut.lconz.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: voyager


Christchurch Polytechnic Library 
Address: z3950.cpit.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: voyager


Christchurch City Libraries 
Address: catalogue.ccc.govt.nz
Port: 2200 
Database Name: Unicorn 
Two other databases are also available Papers, and Cinch. 
For more information see the Library’s web site


Index New Zealand (INNZ) 
Address: innz.natlib.govt.nz 
Port: 7790 
Database Name: VOYAGER


Lincoln University Library 
Address: ap01.alma.exlibrisgroup.com
Port: 1921
Database Name: 64LINCOLN_INST


National Bibliographic Database 
The National Bibliographic database is available to Te Puna subscribers via Z39.50 - contact Te Puna support for further details. 


National Library of New Zealand 
Address: nlnzcat.natlib.govt.nz 
Port: 7190 
Database Name: voyager 


University of Auckland Library 
Address: ap01.alma.exlibrisgroup.com
Port: 210 
Database Name: 64UAUCK_INST


University of Canterbury Library 
Address: zserver.canterbury.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: culib 
For more information see the Library’s web site


University of Otago Library 
Address: otago.lconz.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: voyager


University of Waikato Library 
Address: waikato.lconz.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: voyager


Victoria University Library 
Address: victoria.lconz.ac.nz 
Port: 210 
Database Name: voyager


Generic Search Index information

Provided below are generic details for several basic indexes which should work for most Z39.50 compliant catalogues. For each search index, there a number of “attributes” which can be set to determine how that index works. The Use attribute is compulsory as it identifies the index being searched. The only other attribute commonly used is the Structure attribute, but not all library systems recognize this attribute which can be generalized (slightly inaccurately) to “1” for Phrase searching, and “2” for Keyword searching. If this attribute is not recognized, typically only phrase searching will be available, although explicit use of Boolean operators may work. If you have problems with the searching aspect, you will need to approach the library concerned for more information. Some libraries may put this information in a web page, and if they do, we encourage them to include the link in their entry above. 


Search TypesUseStructure
Author (phrase) 1003 1
Author (keyword) 1003 2
Title (phrase) 4 1
Title (keyword) 4 2
Subject (phrase) 21 1
Subject (keyword) 21 2
General keyword 1016 2
ISSN 8 1
ISBN 7 1



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