RSS Tools


These RSS Tools have been gleaned from a thread on the nz-libs email discussion group in mid-November 2006. They were recommended by Bridget Martin, Simon Chamberlain, and Sean Murgatroyd.



March 2013

 Google announced that Google Reader was swept up in its 2013 "Spring Cleaning". Many feed readers currently use the Reader API to sync subscriptions and post read status between computers and also portable devices. They will all be left high and dry unless another API is made available by some as yet unknown entity that leaps in to fill the gap.

Feedly was already working on their own backend server, and they say that Feedly will switch over seamlessly when the API is shuttered at Google. They may decide to make their API available to other readers. We're in a wait in see mode for readers that depended on Google Reader for sync.

Check out this excellent updated guide for information and how-to's -