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Brian Flaherty Matapihi Future

Page history last edited by Kim Salamonson 9 years, 11 months ago

Brian Flaherty, University of Auckland Library: Matapihi future 420 seconds on Windows - collective digital housekeeping. Window as shopfront; but also window onto Aotearoa, ie Matapihi. How is Matapihi different from DigitalNZ? It's a subset - just 14 content partners and 400,000 objects.  DigitalNZ has broad mandate - includes govt departments and private sector. Matapihi centered around NZ culture - Turnbull, Archives NZ, Te Papa. Could say front end doesn't matter because all in Digital NZ and harvested by Google. Maybe a case for that... Europeana opens up dataset of cultural objects for free re-use - give away their metadata. Allows user-generated exhibitions, family histories.  Matapihi could morph into advocating for open licensing, on making metadata available for aggregators (eg Summon), high-res images subset of DNZ, a pilot of NZ etext and book corpus (think about NZETC, AtoJs, Te Ao Hou, etc etc and pulling this all together), a Digital NZ GLAM filter, or something bigger: a trusted and curated space for NZ cultural heritage. Do sets just create a digital object vending machine - lining things up together without defining relationship? Need to build narrative around images. Or could just pull the plug. Shouldn't be scared of saying it's past its use-by date if this is the case. Currently in a state of palliative care... Do we develop it more or let it pass? The idea of looking in a window at stuff is passé - now we talk about engagement.


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