Emily Steel

Emily Steel: Little Slide Dress @emilymsteel Wearable technology project "fireflies and lightening bugs" - make a piece of clothing and put lights in it. Had to use microcontrollers and sensors. What interested her was if using something celebrating light, why not use light for input data so project would only come to life in certain conditions. Drew inspiration from the discarded - reusing old materials. Can you turn something old into something new and celebrate the old while using the new technology? Got box of old slidefilm from garage where dumped by father's junkshop travels. Seemed to suit the theme of light. Blending technology - magic of light bringing images to life. Always interested in light bringing movies to life. Hence the "Little Slide Dress". Learned a lot - technologies don't always work together. Slides don't like becoming a dress. Lights don't like becoming wearable. Code likes to break.